Nashville artist, Kristin Llamas created the “¿Como te Llamas?” series as a study on names, identity, and unity as we are all brought together as… llamas.

“How Do You Call Yourself?”

The following llamas were created with names submitted by the community when asked “Do you identify with our name?”

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The goal for this series is to start a conversation; examine what we call ourselves, what our name means? Where did our name come from… and most importantly, how we relate to our names.

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Carrie Mills. When I was young I wished my mom had named me Cindy…for some reason I presently do not recall. I was named after my Aunt Cecilia. They took the initial C from her name.

CarrieNashvilleView Llama

I do identify to my nickname Hil. My fist name is not named after anyone. Only my middle name.

HilaryFranklin, TNView Llama

When I was young I was a tomboy and wishes but I had a cool name like Josephine, so my nickname would be Jo. Think Jo March on little women. But I feel as if I couldn’t have been named anything else. Steph just seems to fit. I wasn’t named after anyone.

StephanieRochesterView Llama

When you posted this question, it was the first time I had ever asked myself that. Milton has been a family name on both sides for as far back as anyone can remember. Everyone says that it is an old man’s name, and maybe it is.

MiltonFranklinView Llama

Rachel – from the Hebrew meaning “ewe”. She is vivacious, small and attractive with quiet intelligent strength. A calming influence in stressful situations.

RachelNashvilleView Llama

Yes, I like my first name and feel like a Julie. I was not named after anyone, though I share my middle name with an aunt and great aunt who was also my godmother.

JulieHowellView Llama

Named after my father, my grandfather wanted a boy so I’m named after him. My first name is James After 3 generations of James, people started calling me Jay. So, I legally changed it to do. My nephew is named James, we call him J.J.

JayNashvilleView Llama

I was named after my father, but my whole life I have identified with it and I like the fact that there aren’t too many Bruce’s out there

BruceRochester, NYView Llama

I relate to, “Coach” or “G” way more than my name. Really it’s just family and a few friends who call me Steve.

SteveLivonia, NYView Llama