Hello, I am Kristin Llamas.

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Carrie Mills. When I was young I wished my mom had named me Cindy…for some reason I presently do not recall. I was named after my Aunt Cecilia. They took the initial C from her name.

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I do identify to my nickname Hil. My fist name is not named after anyone. Only my middle name.

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When I was young I was a tomboy and wishes but I had a cool name like Josephine, so my nickname would be Jo. Think Jo March on little women. But I feel as if I couldn’t have been named anything else. Steph just seems to fit. I wasn’t named after anyone.

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When you posted this question, it was the first time I had ever asked myself that. Milton has been a family name on both sides for as far back as anyone can remember. Everyone says that it is an old man’s name, and maybe it is.

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Rachel – from the Hebrew meaning “ewe”. She is vivacious, small and attractive with quiet intelligent strength. A calming influence in stressful situations.

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Yes, I like my first name and feel like a Julie. I was not named after anyone, though I share my middle name with an aunt and great aunt who was also my godmother.

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Named after my father, my grandfather wanted a boy so I’m named after him. My first name is James After 3 generations of James, people started calling me Jay. So, I legally changed it to do. My nephew is named James, we call him J.J.

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I was named after my father, but my whole life I have identified with it and I like the fact that there aren’t too many Bruce’s out there

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I relate to, “Coach” or “G” way more than my name. Really it’s just family and a few friends who call me Steve.

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