Llamas’ paintings are beautiful minimalistic realism.  She follows a linear creative process in the development of each idea, often culminating in witty unrelated objects filling the picture plane.  The paintings become visual conundrums to be solved by the viewer.

~ Susan Shockley, Museum Curator, Parthenon, Nashville, TN



I am a contemporary artist that uses my work as a way to communicate, raise awareness and benefit humanity. I believe that art is a uniter. When I set out to create my very first series, I painted in all fifty states in an effort to “Unite America through Art” with the Nomadic Project. Now, my work is still project based but all paintings and installations are a commentary on life, current events, and social justice issues. 

I enjoy using abstract backgrounds and add realistic elements to focus in on a subject matter while I strive to illustrate significant events through the most peaceful and visually beautiful way.

For example, my recent series titled the “Socratic Dialogues” illustrates the questions that Socrates asked on Truth, honor, virtue, etc in relationship to current events. My hope is always to use art to start conversations and reflect on the world around us.


Born December 16, 1982, Rochester, New York

Kristin Llamas is a contemporary painter and installation artist whose work is guided by collaboration and community engagement surrounding modern social issues. Kristin’s Paintings often combine abstract background with realistic elements that are loaded symbolism and meant to create a visual dialogue with the viewer.

Beginning at age 22, Kristin’s work was widely exhibited in galleries and museum venues such as the Whistler Museum, the Ramsay Museum, the Taube Museum of Art, the Parthenon and Tennessee State Museum.

Llamas’ inspiration has always stemnmed from engaging with the community. Her first museum exhibition came from traveling to all fifty states of America and responding to her experiences through paintings. More recently, the artist has an ongoing series titled “The Socratic Dialogues” where she hosts symposiums about certain socially relevant topics and issues and paints from those community discussions.

Kristin also works collaboratively on installations ranging from small gallery pieces to city-wide installations with husband, Alfonso Llamas. The artist couple together makes up the husband and wife artist team, AK Llamas. A frequent theme in their installations is a pink Amaranth flower- Greek symbolism for the “never fading flower.” Their installation work was selected for the Nashville International Airport and exhibited throughout Paris, Rome and Switzerland.
In 2008, Kristin with husband and three daughters made Nashville their home. Here, she continues to paint large scale works and commissions to benefit social causes. Llamas is the founder of The YOUnite Tour, an international art movement that spans 56 countries. She has spoken at events around the United States, including a presentation with TEDx Nashville.

For more info about me and my work, contact me by filling out the contact form.



2013 Tennessee State Museum, Permanent Collection, Nashville, Tennessee

2013 Taube Museum of Art, Permanent Collection, Minot, North Dakota

2011 Museum Acquisition, Permanent Tennessee State Museum, Tennessee

2010 Professional Development Support Grant, Tennessee

2009 Professional Development Support Grant, Tennessee

2007 National Society of Arts & Letters Award

2006 Artist Enhancement Grant, Florida




2014 Deaderick Street Installation with Tennessee State Museum “#NashvilleSelfie”

2014 Nashville International Airport, Skylight Installation (2 skylights)

2013 Amaranths Tactical Flowers Installation AK-SPQR2, Vatican wall, Rome, Italy.

2013 Amaranths Tactical Flowers Installation AK-PAR4. Le Louvre in Paris, France.

2013 Amaranths Tactical Flower Installation AK-ATH1. Parthenon in Athens, Greece.

2013 Amaranths Tactical Flower Installation AK-SPQR1. Forum, Rome, Italy.

2013 Nashville’s Largest Street Art Installation: Paper Portrait Lanterns, Nashville, TN

2013 Nashville’s Largest Street Art Installation: Paper Portrait Lanterns, Nashville, TN

2012 YOUnite Tour Movement: A World YOUnited by Art

2008-2011 National Touring of The Nomadic Project: America United by Art

2005-2007 Creation of The Nomadic Project: America United by Art


2014 TEDxNashville “Please Don’t Stop Touching the Artwork” OZ, Nashville TN

2014 Socratic Dialogues, Artist talk, Parthenon Museum, Nashville TN (upcoming)

2013 Creativity Moves Conference, Nashville, Tennessee

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2013 “Socratic Dialogues,” Parthenon Museum, Nashville, TN

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2010 “Madonna and Child,” GJCC Gallery, Nashville, TN

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2014 Customs House Museum, Clarksville TN “Women’s History Month Exhibition”

2013 “YOUnite Tour,” Galerie Quint-Essences, Neuchâtel, Switzerland

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2013 Small Works Exhibition & Auction, Taube Museum of Art, Minot, ND

2013 “YOUnite Tour,” Mezzanine Gallery at the Viridian, Nashville, TN

2013 “YOUnite Tour,” Aiken Center for the Arts, Aiken, SC

2012 The Host Gallery, Mobile, AL

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