Kristin Llamas’ paintings are loaded with symbolism and layered illustrations. She takes a unique approach to two-dimensional art by sewing together canvas and adding mirror-written text . By age twenty-four, Llamas’ art had exhibited in museums, galleries and art centers in all fifty of the United States. She has been recognized by the National Society of Arts and Letters, awarded the Artist’s Achievement grant from the state of Florida and has twice received the Professional Development grant from the Tennessee Arts Commission.

From 2005-2009, the artist (under her maiden name Abraham) along with musician husband, Alfonso Llamas, developed an exhibit titled The Nomadic Project. This conceptual art project led the artist to travel the U.S. for a little over three years and gained national and international recognition.

Llamas has since settled in Franklin, TN with her husband and two daughters, Crimson Olivia and Lily Allyn. Her work has been displayed in art venues such as The Whistler House Museum (Lowell, MA), The Ramsey Museum (Honolulu, HI), Aesthetic Eye Gallery (Chicago, IL) and Ward-Nasse Gallery (NY, NY). Current work can be found in association with Tinney Contemporary, Nashville, TN, The Host Gallery, Mobile , AL, and the Creative Genius Gallery, Medford, NJ. Llamas is presently preparing for a 2013 exhibition at the Parthenon Museum in Nashville, TN.

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